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Learn More About Antarctica

Often described as “The Last Frontier” in terms of travel, Antarctica is a dream destination of many.
There are a lot of questions and misconceptions surrounding the big white continent, and we’re to help!

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Ross Sea Incl. Helicopters

Departures: January 2020, February 2020
Operator: Oceanwide
Ship: Ortelius
Duration: 32 days

Antarctic Peninsula – Whale Watching Voyage (Plancius)

Departures: March 2019, March 2020
Operator: Oceanwide
Ship: Plancius
Duration: 10 days

Marine Mammals of the Antarctic Peninsula (Hebridean Sky)

Departures: February 2020
Operator: Polar Latitudes
Ship: Hebridean Sky
Duration: 15 days

Beyond the Polar Circle (Le Lyrial)

Departures: February 2020
Operator: Ponant
Ship: Le Lyrial
Duration: 17 days

South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey

Departures: January 2019, February 2019
Operator: Aurora Expeditions
Ship: Polar Pioneer
Duration: 18 days

Wonders of the Chilean Fjords, Patagonia & Antarctica

Departures: November 2019
Operator: Noble Caledonia
Ship: Island Sky
Duration: 34 days

Beyond the Polar Circle (Le Soleal)

Departures: February 2020
Operator: Ponant
Ship: Le Soleal
Duration: 17 days

Christmas In Antarctica 2019 (RCGS Resolute)

Departures: December 2019
Operator: One Ocean Expeditions
Ship: RCGS Resolute
Duration: 11 days

Antarctica is an unforgettable travel experience...

Marianne AcremanIf you have ever dreamed of going to Antarctica, we strongly recommend you make that dream a reality - now! From our experience, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.
Antarctica remains a pristine, remote wilderness and wildlife experience and memories of your trip to Antarctica will stay with you for a lifetime.
Choosing the right Antarctic expedition voyage for you is our priority.
Whatever itinerary you choose, month you travel in, or places you visit, a voyage to Antarctica is always a unique and personal experience.
We invite you to contact us today and take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our adventure travel consultants to help you plan an unforgettable Antarctic experience.
Marianne Acreman, Polar Destination Specialist and Back Track Director